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Whether you live in Long Beach, Wilmington, or the surrounding area of Long Beach, Air Bail Bonds is here to help release your loved ones from the Long Beach Jail. We understand this is probably your first time inquiring about a bail bond. We will help you the entire way throughout the bail bonds process. Our bail bond agents are awesome, patient, friendly, and of course licensed.

We know this is probably your first time dealing with the bail bonds industry. Call us! We'll answer all the questions you might have? How much is the bail bond? What do I need to get my loved one out? How can some bail bonds companies charge 5% (this is illegal by the way)? How long will it take to bail out my loved one? All these questions can be answered quickly by our educated, experienced bail agents. .

Why Long Beach Bail Bonds
(Air Bail Bonds)?


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How Bail Bonds Work

Property Signers - A lot of bail bonds companies require a property signer and also collateral. We work hard to find a way around this need so that you don't have to put your house up in order to get your loved one out of jail.

Air Bail Bonds Long Beach, CA has the authority to write any size bond for any charge. Let us help you. Financing and payments; if you are in need of financing or you need a particular payment plan, our trained bail agents can work with you. Our main goal is to get your loved one out of jail.

Fax or email - we can start and complete the entire bail bonds process electronically. We will gladly fax orlong beach bail bonds email you the bail bonds application all filled out by our licensed bail bonds agents. All you have to do is sign and fax back.

We are available now to answer your questions or move into action to start the bail bond process now!

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